EXPLORE THE CITY OF LOVE ON your motorcycle!

Paris is the city of love with a great motorcycle culture. Visit the most iconic places of the city as a drive-by like Parisians do. The tiny streets of the 18th arrondissement, the Eiffel tower, l’etoile and many other sites from the back of your bike. A stop at the best bike shops of the city if you want, or rather a cafe in a cool and very french place and a bunch of good adresses not to miss in the city.


January 2023
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Each ride-out 4 – 6 riders maximum
EU 40,- per person
2-2.5 hours

Gotz / Guide

“two wheels to move the soul”

Living in Paris since 25 years and in love with the city. our photographer Götz know paris like his pocket as the city often is  the background for his photo sessions when he shoots for motorcycle or car magazines. He is in love with anything on wheels and motorcycles are his passion. He also travels the world for his clients and does motorcycle trips in destinations like Morocco, Romania, Benin, Rwanda, Namibia, Spain and Portugal. He loves to be outside and feels home on any 2 wheel vehicle as he hates traffic jams.

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