we promise you a unforgotteable experience!

Always viewed as one of the most freaky easter EU capitals, but we will break the myth and show you how Bucharest is really, with a cosmopolitan past Bucharest is one of the most safe cities you can visit, probably the only EU capital where you can park your bike without antithief and nothing happens, it is a very unknown city plenty of gorgeus hidden corners an places, everybody knows the Parliament Palace but we promise you will discover the true Bucharest, where old and new is mixed, where fancy people co-exist with businessmen, gypsies, hipsters, rockers, workers, lost foreigns and stray dogs at the hidden downtown, the gothic
parks, the old brownfields and the street markets, we promise you a unforgotteable experience riding the true Bucharest with us.


January 2023
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Each ride-out 4 – 6 riders maximum
EU 40,- per person
2-2.5 hours

Alf/ Guide

Alf is one of the founders of Bandisca Motorcycles, the well known
Bucharest based custom shop, born in Spain but stablished in Romania
since 2007 he is an old grumpy bastard that loves building bikes but
loves even more riding them, racer in the 80s, rider all his life and
since 7 years ago bulding inappropriate irons at the Bandisca’s Cats
Cave, traveller and very active at international events, you can meet
him every year at plkaces like The Bike Shed Show, The Wildays and
Glemseck101 showing and racing the Bandisca’s bikes, but you have now
the oportunity of meeting him and ride with at his natural enviroment…
the deep, deep Bucharest downtown.

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