go near & join us
on a city Ride-out!
Discover Europe’s most iconic cities in a whole new way. Let yourself be carried away to the secret places and hidden beauties of cities you thought you knew, but now learn to look at with new eyes! 

In a ride-out of around 2 – 2.5 hours, experienced local riders will take you on a unique urban safari. This can be on your own motorcycle or on a rented Harley-Davidson. The starting point is always the local dealer. Besides the Ride-guide the group consists of a maximum of 6 riders. Full is full, so don’t wait too long!

The City Ride-out is a nice ride for and by riders, it’s not a historical tour. So do not expect endless stories or factual bombardments, instead it will be relaxed riding alongside impressive skylines, picturesque gems, surprising highlights and everything in between. In short, we’ll take you to places you wouldn’t normally go to. And of course, we’ll make a pit stop at one of our favourite coffee hotspots!

Each ride-out 4 – 6 riders maximum
EU 50,- per person with own bike
EU 75,- per person incl. a Harley Davidson ( special dates only)


Our Ride-guides are enthusiastic and experienced riders who are firmly rooted in the local motorcycle community. We are happy to introduce them to you.


Wherever you are, the unique kicks of riding a Harley are always close by. With more than 100 official Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental dealers worldwide, you can easily rent the Harley of your dreams anywhere. Always the latest models, in perfect condition and with little mileage on the counter. And that from €100 a day.


We can also help you out with tailor made ride - outs. Whether you want to have a lovely ride in the countryside and see the windmills at Kinderdijk or you want to make a trip to Versailles and have lunch in the gardens? Let us know and we will help you out.

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